All students must be in the school uniform and must look smart and presentable at all times. The student must be in school uniform when representing the school for external activities or competitions. Failure to comply with this will result in student being sent home. It is mandatory that the students wear the school uniform on the Open House days. It is mandatory that the student follows the dress code during the working days, unless the Principal informs through circular for special days like Children’s day, etc.

General rules to be followed:

  • Uniform must be well ironed
  • Shirt must be neatly tucked into the waist band of skirt/pant.
  • Skirt or trousers must be worn on the waist and not above or below.
  • Shoes to be polished.
  • Black formal shoes must be worn with regular uniform.

    • White sport shoes should not have any color.
    • Jewellery of any kind is not permitted. For earrings, only small studs are permitted (Not gold).
    • Nails to be trimmed and kept clean.
    • Nail polish or henna on hands not permitted.
    • No fancy watches or wristbands are permitted.
    • Eye make-up or kajal is not permitted.
    • Anklets or bracelets are not permitted.
    • No hair colour/ fancy haircuts.
    • Socks to be of ankle Length otherwise white stockings can be worn.

    Specific Guidelines for Girls

    • Shoulder length hair to be plaited and neatly pinned. Only White hair bands and pins are allowed.
    • Only one pair of earrings (not gold) is allowed.
    • Skirt to be below knee length.

    Specific Guidelines for Boys

    • Senior boys must shave regularly.
    • Beards are not allowed.
    • Caps are not allowed.
    • Trousers must be of proper length.

    Birthdays and special occasions when casuals are permitted

    • Smart casuals can be worn on special days.
    • Jeans and half pants are not allowed.
    • Sleeveless shirts/ dresses are not allowed.
    • Short skirt is not allowed. Skirts must be up to the knee or below.