About Us

About The Trust

The trust Baqhers Educational & Charitable Trust was founded in the year 2013-14 Main purpose of our trust is to educate individuals within society to prepare and qualify them for work in economic as well as to integrate pupil into society and teach them values and morals of society.

About BPS

Our vision is of creating and engaging learning communities where students from KG to grade 10 , parents, teachers, and administrators are all empowered to transform education to suit the needs of ever changing generations!

BPS foster in pupil’s sense of personal worth to promote their welfare and to Make them achieve their full potential as the students adapts quickly to the social change. BPS believes in differentiated instructions as every child is a unique child.

The co-operative effort of students, parents and teachers is at the heart of the learning pathways followed by our students and the outcomes they achieve. We firmly believe that every child can experience success and go on to graduate as a responsible, resilient and confident young adult, well prepared to take charge of their future and to become a productive member of the community.

School Vision & Mission


Our Vision Statement condenses our aspirants into a few words. You will see it displayed around the school, reflected in the contents of this document, and put into practice in the school’s work.


Trying your best equal’s success. If you believe, you will achieve and succeed. In helping your children achieve their best.



Our children are driven to fulfill their personal potential and have the confidence to achieve their goals.


We enjoy working together in groups, teams and as a whole school to achieve greater results.


We believe in clear moral framework and conduct ourselves with honesty, politeness and consideration for others.