Academic Achievements
Advocates Anger Free Zone

Excessive anger can cause problems,such as increased blood pressure and other physical changes associated with anger make it difficult to think straight and harm your physical and mental health.

Some of the simplest changes that are undertaken by our BPS school to make it anger free includes genuinely smiling at students and everyone around them calmy,practising breathing exercise,practising mindfulness and performing activities like origami,laughinh therapy, art and craft and many more.

Blue Day Celebration
Green Day
Red Day
Yellow Day
Fruits Day
Baqhers Public School Is Happy To Start With Scouts & Guides

BPS is happy to start with scout and guides training from this academic year.2020

Scouting/guiding is a non-formal educational movement with training methods based on law and promise and suited to various age groups it makes the Scouts and Guides resourceful self-reliant, even helpful towards others. Well the main thing you get from Bharat Scouts and guides is the learning by doing the training and exposure at scouting makes you self dependent, disciplined and definitely a good citizen. You can also pursue different courses and improve your skills.

Star Of Baqher’s

On 6th September there was round1 Dssl, powered by Byju’s more than 60 lakhs Students, Participated from 17000+Schools Across 29 States.
We are delighted to announce that the results have been evaluated and two of our Students who have qualified for round 2 are
Adeeba Syed Ismail-Class 5
Afifa Kounain –class 7
We Congratulate both the Students for their Exceptional Performance and Proficiency in Maths and Science.

Grandparents Day Celebration

Baqhers Public School believes that Grandparents truly impact their Grandchildren’s lives. Grandparents are the best teachers when it comes to learning valuable lessons life, giving charity, being polite or even basic etiquettes like being respectful to the neighbours. Additionally, Grandparents are often known to entertain children the stories of family, history with a valuable lesson, in the end accompanied by good laugh and occasional tears of joy.

Abacus Winners