Transport Policy

We ensure that all students using school transport a safe and secure journey. School buses are equipped with good air flow windows systems.

Student using the bus service are required to wear the ID cards issued by the school to prevent the commuting youngsters from boarding the wrong buses and de boarding at wrong points.

The students will refrain from eating and drinking on the bus, except for water.

Parents are advised to ensure the safety of their wards at the pick-up points at the time of both pick-up and drop off.

Students must return home by the same bus that they come to school. If they want to return home by another bus on any day they must get a note written by the parent in their school diary and have it countersigned by both the supervisor and the Transport In charge

Any change in the address location will be bought to the notice of the transport department immediately in writing through the transport form which is available at the reception.

Strict discipline must be maintained inside the bus.

Bus fee is payable for all working months. One way travel facility is not provided.

Children availing school transport facilities will have to pay for transport even if they go on long leave for genuine reasons.

Parents shifting their residence to another area may please note that their children will continue availing the facility if the new residence lies within an area covered by the school bus route

Parents of students studying in KG1 to Grade 5 must make arrangements to receive them after school hours at their respective points. If there is nobody to receive the child, he/she will be brought back to school and parents will have to collect him /her from the school.

In accordance with the RTA guidelines, the school Principal may exclude any student from the school transport service in any of the following cases:

If a student refuses to ride a bus from a pickup point approved by the school. If a student leaves the bus before reaching his/her designated destination without prior approval/ permission.

If a student continues to cause disturbance and more than three written complaints are filled against him/her during one school year.

The parents are requested to bring the students to the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the designated pick-up time of the bus, and also to be at the pick-up point at least 5 minutes before the designated drop-off, time in order to avoid delay for the remainder of the students on the bus.

Transport is limited to a point–to-point and not on a door-to-door basis.

If a parent wants to pick up the child from the school in any special occasions it must be informed prior to the school.

If student is found to have caused damage to the bus or the property or belongings of a fellow student then, the parent(s) will be required to compensate adequately for the repair or replacement of the damaged item.

If the fees are not paid in advance at the start of the payment period, the child will not be permitted to use the service until they have been paid in full.