Admissions are in progress for Academic Year 2024-2025



Admission into Baqhers Public Schools is by assessment and interview.
Submit an Admission Form together with the following documents to the Admission Department at the Registration Office:-


  • 6 recent passport-sized colored photographs
  • One copy of IC and birth certificate
  • One copy of both parents’ and/or guardian’s IC
  • One copy of the most recent year’s student’s academic result
  • One certified copy of School Leaving Certificate
  • One copy of covid vaccination detail

Entrance Assessment

Once the completed Admission Form with the required documents is submitted and the application fee of Rs /-           has been paid, the applicant will be scheduled for an entrance assessment.

The assessment will be in the form of a written test comprising English Language and Mathematics that will last for one (1) hour. The purpose of the entrance assessment is to evaluate the capability of the applicant in both subjects, in particular, the competency of English Language so that the applicant can access the full curriculum which will be conducted in English.

All children will be assessed in their appropriate year group as follows:
Written Test :Written assessment is required for all levels except for KG’s.

Written assessment is not required for early years & reception years.
While completing the Admission Form, applicant may request to sit for the entrance assessment provided the Rs /- application fee has been paid.

Interview Sessions

Admission into Baqhers Public Schools is by assessment and interview.

After the entrance assessment, there will be an interview session with the Principal and/or a designated member of staff. This will allow the interviewer to assess the proficiency level of English Language and to observe the behavioural display of the applicant. The interview also allows the parents to understand the manner in which the Baqhers Public School operates.

  • Senior boys must shave regularly.
  • Beards are not allowed.
  • Caps are not allowed.
  • Trousers must be of proper length.

Admission & Registration

Where places are available, admission of students into Baqhers Public School is dependent on a satisfactory entrance assessment result and outcome of the interview. A confirmation of admission to the school is also based on the belief that the student will benefit from the curriculum offered.