The School will always stand  for and promote the principle of a high academic level of excellence which will support  us in leaving an indelible mark on the society, of which we are an integral part. The high academic levels, coupled with the extra and co-curricular activities, create an impressive individual who can face the formidable challenges of the outside world with panache. The school will spares no expenses to supplement learning and keep the students abreast of the happenings in the advanced field of Science and Technology, Mathematics, Humanities, Information Technology, Computers, Art and the like. This mingling of passion and commitment works wonders for the students and transforms them into knowledgeable and well informed youngsters ready and eager to take the challenges head on!

About Us

Baqhers public school is a unit of baqhers educational and charitable trust founded in the year 2014, under the presidential leadership of Janab Syed Baqher Shabbir Hussaini.

Our Aim

Our aim to establish a study culture that fosters diligence, sincerity and accountability which helps our students to develop a passion for learning that will serve them through out and beyond school years.  We endeavor to promote the pursuit of excellence and   achievement for every student to enable him/her to optimize his/her potential.

Our goal

Baqher’s Public School will strive to create and maintain an ethos that encourages high academic standards, self-reliance, co-operation, enthusiasm and initiative.A close relationship with parents is vital to the process of education.

Our Mission

To implement a well-designed, quality management system that empowers all stakeholders – teachers, students and parents. And to create a student-friendly learning environment through innovative learning practices that   draw out the best in every student.

Our Vision

To be a premier, professionally managed institution which provides an environment that nurtures academic excellence and holistic growth and prepares students for the knowledge of society and the global economy.